Sans titre 11Mychal-Bella born 1/16/10 has been a proactive model since the age of two and now at the tender age of 5 has a plethora of experience on her resume. Homeschooled prior to entering Jr Pre K at age 3 she assessed at a 6 year old level of competency. She has been reading since the age of 3 and loves doing her studies without being probe. One of her favorite places to visit is the library. She prides herself on conquering shoe tying at the mere age of four. Being a creative spirit, she has a passion for the arts… Some are drawing, singing, gymnastics, and dancing (ballet/tap). But her favorite extra curriculum activity is pageantry, which she began at the age of 3 and has won every time she has participated. Whether it was Queen in her division, Dream Sweetheart, or Supreme, Mychal-Bella came home with a crown! Overall, she is just a girly girly that loves befriending people and believes that brains and beauty compliments one another. When asked what does she want to be when she grows up… Her response was a doctor. I would say she is headed in the right direction!